Tap into the opportunity of Sync Licensing to maximize the earning potential of your music.


Our Mission

We have a simple goal at The Plug Music Administration: To help artists, songwriters, and composers make more money from their music, without giving up their rights.

There’s an overwhelming quantity of music available online, which gives the opportunity to select up-and-coming, international, local and indie artists that have yet to be discovered.
— Charlotte Von Kotze, Director of Music at VICE Media

what we do

We look at bids from music supervisors who want a specific kind of music, and pitch your songs to bids that are a good match. Your music will be included in genre-specific playlists and albums that can be pitched to marketing departments, ad agencies, and other media producers. By including your songs in a strong collection, we can increase the chances that your music will be considered for a major use. We’ve got your back, so you get more time to write songs.

You have flexibility with your music. We operate as a non-exclusive sync agency, meaning you’re free to use other services to represent your songs (as long as they are also non-exclusive).

We only make money if we generate income for you.

What is sync licensing?

When someone making visual media decides to incorporate a song into their content, they need to get a sync license. This grants them the right to "synchronize" that song with their visual content, whether it is a YouTube video, television series, or video game.

Traditionally, a content creator would have to go to a record label to get permission to use a particular recording, and then go to a publisher to get permission to use the underlying composition, and often times a popular song will be administered by multiple labels and publishers! This is a nightmare if you're trying to produce visual media. In most cases, content creators don't have time to spend days negotiating a deal between multiple labels and publishers, only to have the deal fall through. They need a simple solution.

That's where we come in.

At The Plug Music Administration, we see sync licensing as a huge opportunity for independent songwriters. We represent music creators who have written original songs and control their own recordings. This makes it significantly easier to score a sync deal, because content creators can quickly negotiate a price to license both the song and the master recording; without the back-and-forth negotiations.

Every marketing department in every company makes video for the internet, for social networks… and everyone needs music and a reliable music source where you know you won’t get into trouble for using the music.
— Edward Hoglund, head of growth at Epidemic Sound